Boatshed wine loft

Location: Cottesloe, Western Australia 

Builder: RK Brine Master Builders

Photographer: Dion Robeson

Status: Completed 2017

The Boatshed Wine Loft sits within the Cottesloe warehouse which has been used as a wood yard, ice vendor, boat building facility and, for the past twenty years, a fine food grocer.

Suspended from the original steel gantry underneath which Australia II, the 1983 America’s Cup winning yacht, was built, the Wine Loft is constructed from 20ft shipping containers. Custom openings have been cut into the containers, allowing for a vast unobstructed floor area and a side entry. The end doors have been removed to allow for large windows looking out over the grocery shop floor. Binding the containers together and to the existing overhead structure is an intricate web of steel, carefully designed to be fabricated off site for an overnight install.

The internal industrial aesthetic is achieved using stained plywood and black steel.  Bespoke wine racks wrap the perimeter and a suspended wine rack forms the centerpiece of the Wine Loft.